The battle for the Chestertown Quidditch Cup is on! The Chestertown Harry Potter Festival is the place where fans gather and teams of all colors come to test their mettle. Enjoy some quidditch just a few blocks from downtown, the magical hub of the Festival!

This will be a 2-day tournament with free housing for players and dedicated volunteers and referees. It is open to any organized quidditch team, and may include one or more unorganized/temporary/”mercenary” teams.

In addition to the Cup tournament, there will also be a “House Cup” fantasy-style tournament on day 2 that is open to players of any level.

To register an organized team for the Cup : Please fill out the “Team Registration” form. https://goo.gl/forms/ZNCIjjPGPdGx5NoW2

To register as an unaffiliated player for the Cup : Please fill out the “Individual Registration” form. Placement on a team is not guaranteed and will depend on team and tournament needs. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSctRchwxCmo3rJG7t5uVXqXb6mR5aGV0xkUesR0i8VYfcSQKg/viewform

To register as a dedicated referee, snitch, or other volunteer for the Cup tournament : Please fill out the “Individual Registration” form. Thank you for your help and dedication! You’ll be glad to note that, even though this tournament will be host to mostly (perhaps entirely) games that are “unofficial” for USQ play, certified referees will still be paid according to USQ policy. In addition, snitches will be paid a small amount for each completed game!


To register for housing, either for a whole team or as an individual : Please fill out the “Housing Request” form. https://goo.gl/forms/UOm2yFYNLSs7KqNC3

Huge props to YMCA Camp Tockwogh for cabins for those who want to stay! http://ymcacamptockwogh.org/