2017 Art Contest

Specifications for Harry Potter poster/cover:
ORIGINAL ART ONLY! Imaginative images only – no words or deliberate copying of images from the movies or books, please

Theme: Prisoner of Azkaban – Cover of program: 8.5 x 11, full color. If you art is intended to bleed off the page, you will need to do art allowing ¼” around, e.g., 1/8” per side= 8.75 x 11.25. Poster: 11 x 17 – You may want to leave a large border around your artwork so that it will easily translate to the 11 x 17 poster size with minimal enlarging.

Digital files: If you are designing in a digital file, be sure the art is in hi resolution (300 dpi) so that it prints sharply. If not working at 100% of final size, be sure to make the larger size proportionate. Do not create your artwork smaller than 8.5 x 11- It is always better to reduce digital files than enlarging them which can result in lose of sharpness and pixellation.

Non Digital files: You are just doing the basic art in any media. Stay with the same size proportions as above. Keep in mind that type (location, logos, etc.) will have to be placed on your artwork in a digital file before printing. It will be scanned, brought into Photoshop or Indesign and then the appropriate information will be superimposed in a layer on your art. So, when creating, keep in mind where you might envision that text going. Text can be incorporated on your base art as a design element, but do not draw/add the informational HP text. (There are requirements for wording and where it must be placed)

Art due April 1, 2017 to info@chestertownhpfest.org
Questions – please email us at info@chestertownhpfest.org